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Athletes for Hope Presents at the NCAA Senior Bowl

Athletes for Hope Presents at the NCAA Senior Bowl

This time of year, college seniors are pushing hard to get through the end of their last semester and are preparing for the start of their careers. The same is true for student athletes, many of which have their sights to the NFL.

Our team had the privilege of presenting to this year’s Senior Bowl class where top college football players would display their talents before the NFL draft.  Some of today’s biggest NFL stars have played in the Senior Bowl. As evidence, nearly every season at least 30% of those in attendance will end up in the NFL.

Our CEO, Ivan Blumberg, presented to a room full of players and the coaching staff. By the end of it, nearly every athlete there signed up to give back to others through Athletes for Hope. The top three causes athletes expressed interest in were:

  1. Helping children become more active
  2. Helping kids get a better education
  3. Reducing global poverty and hunger

The feedback from the event was very positive and many of the players offered their thanks and praise during the open discussion. For example, some of the comments said include:

  • “Great information that made me realize my responsibilities as an athlete”
  • “Inspirational!!!”
  • “I had a clear understanding on the process to help the community and how I can be more engaged in foundations that I want to be involved with.”

It was an honor to present to the NCAA Senior Bowl and to work with the organizers on this effort. We look forward to working with this organization and student athletes to make this world a better place.

Athletes for Hope Hosts Workshop for the Redskins Rookies

The NFL has recently placed a higher importance on professional training that includes giving back through the community. It was our honor to provide this important training opportunity for the Washington Redskins rookies.
Our CEO, Ivan Bloomberg, presented our 1.0 workshop to 23 of the Washington Redskins rookies. After the workshop, the players got to act immediately on what they learned. The team arranged a NFL Play 60 event right outside of the training facility. 200 local kids had earned the right to meet the players and take part in various activities. Players spent time teaching the kids the fundamentals of passing, punting and kicking.

Thank you to the Redskins and to the rookies for their participation. We look forward to working with them and the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation to create even more valuable connections in the coming months.