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About the AFH University Program

While universities across the U.S. often provide volunteer opportunities to their student-athletes, they rarely offer the educational aspect that allows student athletes to learn how to be effective volunteers and what community causes might align with their passions. AFH created AFH University (AFH U) to address this need and provide guidance to college athletes throughout their philanthropic journey.

AFH U began at the University of Virginia in 2013, and since that time, has expanded to 15 additional college campuses across the United States.

Map of the United States with all AFH U schools marked with their school logo.

In 2021, AFH launched the Sports Philanthropy Certificate Program (SPCP) as an extension of AFH University. With applications open to student-athletes across the country, SPCP offers a more in-depth, seminar-style opportunity to learn how to use their their platforms to give back, to advocate and to understand how to use their voices to support the causes they care about. Learn more here.

How We Help College Athletes Give Back

AFH U helps college athletes explore themes such as leadership, life skill development, advocacy, their role in the community, and how to discover their philanthropic passions through a series of facilitated workshops that mirror AFH’s Causeway workshop structure. AFH staff then works closely with each team to provide opportunities to engage in meaningful, impactful community work that align with the team’s passions.

AFH U provides student-athletes the opportunity to:

  1. Engage in meaningful, impactful community service
  2. Experience the benefits of engaging in student leadership and student self-governance
  3. Collaborate with student-athletes from other sports
  4. Increase their involvement with the rest of the University community and the local community


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Alumni Corner

Are you an AFH U alumni and want to connect after graduation? Looking for ways to do more service as an AFH Member athlete? Update your AFH U information using the contact link and we’ll get you connected to service!

We’d love to hear about your long-term service connections! Please take our short survey and let us know what you’ve done in your community after graduation.

AFH U Impact Snapshot

  • 4800+ student athletes engaged in AFH U
  • 105 sports teams from 12 universities trained through 132 educational workshops
  • 16,400+ hours of volunteer time by AFH U student athletes
  • 61 community partners from across many different causes
  • 600+ community connections with over 10,000 children supported
  • 90% of AFH U athletes reported that they felt empowered to do more volunteering after their AFH U experience
  • 93% of AFH U athletes felt they had a strong positive impact through their volunteer efforts
  • 94% were inspired after giving back to their community

2021 Highlights