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Learn more about what AFH Staff & Athletes are doing in their communities via podcast episodes, live streamed panels, TV interviews and more.

As part of our Whole Being Athlete Program, AFH is hosting a series of interviews with athletes of all levels that focuses on their own mental health, why athlete mental health is important, and ways we can come together to end its stigma in sports.

In March of 2021, Athletes for Hope hosted 4 Instagram Live conversations with 9 incredible women in sports in celebration of Women’s History Month. These conversations were so incredible that we decided to turn them into podcasts!

Hear from WNBA Veterans Carolyn Swords and Ruth Riley Hunter, NWSL players Lauren Barnes and Katie Naughton, and Professional Softball player, A.J. Andrews. You’ll also hear from representatives of organizations that work to uplift women in and out of sports every day: The Virago Project, Black Girl Hockey Club, Care and Goal Five.

Beginning in February 2022 in celebration of Black History Month, AFH joined forces with NBA Veteran and Writer Etan Thomas to host an inspirational and educational panel series. Featuring student-athletes from HBCUs and professional and Olympic athletes, these conversations highlight the ways they are making a difference in their communities, their perspectives and stories on what it means to be Black in America, and how they use their platforms to make the changes they hope to see.

A special thank you to the Rainbow PUSH Coalition who will be donating copies of Etan’s new book, Police Brutality and White Supremacy: The Fight Against American Traditions, to students and athletes as part of this panel series.

AFH CEO Jason Belinkie is joined by three District Track Club runners to discuss Muhammad Ali’s legacy and how being an athlete has molded them into leaders, not only in their sports but also in their communities.

A special thanks to Maryland Public Television for hosting this panel.

As part of HHS’ We Can Do This COVID-19 vaccine public education campaign, former US Women’s National Soccer Team defender Dr. Rachel Buehler Van Hollebeke speaks with WNBA veteran Carolyn Swords on Instagram Live. Together, they discuss the importance of the vaccines to keep ourselves, our families and our communities safe.