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KIPP DC Field Trip to the Wizards Game with Awvee Storey

KIPP DC Field Trip to the Wizards Game with Awvee Storey

Athletes for Hope, Awvee Storey, and KIPP DC celebrated the success of the “Power Up” Program with a field trip to the Washington Wizards vs. Charlotte Hornets game on Sunday, April 10th. Thirty-five Power Up students and their parents were in attendance as the Wizards beat the Hornets 113 to 98. As a special incentive set up by Awvee, during halftime, the students were escorted to the court where they were recognized for their hard work of reaching their goals of being more physically active! Besides seeing the Wizards win and being recognized at halftime, the kids also walked away with a Wizards t-shirt and a John Wall bobble-head doll!

The kids were thrilled with this opportunity and are looking forward to the start of next years program!

“The game was so cool! I loved the fireworks and the fire that came out. The wizards won and I got to go with my mom and my brother.” – Dajah

“The game was great. We got to be on T.V. and see a game where the Wizards won. I went to the game with my Mom, Brother, and Sister. Everyone had so much fun!” – Landon

“The coolest part of the whole game was going on the court at half-time.” – Madison

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