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Nicole Davis Gets Kids Active in Redondo Beach

Nicole Davis Gets Kids Active in Redondo Beach

Nicole Davis is an indoor volleyball player with multiple Olympic and championship medals. Davis was part of the USA national team that won the World Championship gold medal against China in 2014 and is a proud Athletes for Hope member athlete.

Last week through our Let’s Move Active Schools partnership, Nicole visited Alta Vista Elementary in Redondo Beach. This is what she had to say about why she volunteers and what she enjoyed most about her visit.

Why do you volunteer?

“I volunteer because it’s a great chance to make an impact in someone’s life. You never know what you say or do that might make an impression on someone and be a catalyst for them to pursue their best in a way that might have lasting value.”

Why is Active Schools your cause?

“What draws me to the Athletes for Active Schools cause in particular is just the state of health in our country in general, but in particular with the trend we are seeing with obesity and inactivity with this generation of kids. The science around the benefits of activity are deep, and it’s so important to instill the value of being active as part of a daily, healthy life style (both physical and mental health).”

What was the best part of your visit?

“My favorite part of the day are answering questions the kids have. They are so pure and inquisitive, it’s refreshing.”

Thank you for volunteering, Nicole! If you would like to take part in an Active School visit this year, please contact us. We will help you find a participating school.