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Our Athletes are for Active Schools

Our Athletes are for Active Schools

Photos and videos are pouring in from the Athletes for Active Schools week. This year we had a ton of Let’s Move Active Schools visits during the campaign time-frame. Many member athletes took videos and photos from their visits that are just too good not to share. Thank you again to everyone who took part in these visits. Athletes who couldn’t meet with kids this month – don’t you worry! We will be setting up more school visits throughout the year. Call or email us today for information.


“I remember being a kid. I played many sports and I enjoyed playing outside with my friends. Those experiences helped me develop into the high active/athletic man I am today. LMAS takes pride in encouraging kids to be active just like I was as a kid, and I support the cause 100%.”

N’aithan Scott

“I had the kids show me their best dance moves to go from 0 to 60 at the assembly. Then when recess started, we took part in a lap around the school to show off our speed.” – Jordin Andrade


”[My favorite part of the visit was] having kids volunteer to come up and play my guitar in front of the whole assembly!” – Laurenne Ross



“The thing that draws me to this cause is the obesity epidemic and technology craze that is facing our nation. More and more student’s are inside, on their phone’s or devices instead of moving and getting their 60 minutes of activity in each day.” –Marisa Howard



“I volunteered so I can inspire kids to reach their full potential in education and just living a healthy lifestyle.” –Vannessa Jones


“My favorite part of the day is when we did a dance video with the kids. Some of them are shy and some of them were so ready to dance. It was nice to see everyone participating in doing their 30-60 minutes a day of activity. It reminded me of when I was in elementary school in PE class. Dancing is one of my favorite things to do outside of track so it was awesome to jump in with the Indian Spring students.” –Kendra Chambers



“Growing up with active parents and truly believe that the habits I formed when I was young were what allowed me to have the track career I had later in life. I have also had experience helping out at schools in Eugene which were forced to cut back funding for P.E. in schools.” – Bridget Franek

“My favorite part of the day is was listening to all of the questions the kids had for me. I always give them a chance to get to know me because I feel its important for them to actively participate in the visit.” – Samantha Johnson