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Athletes for Hope Announces Athlete Mental Health Alliance

WASHINGTON D.C.- Athletes for Hope (AFH) is proud to officially announce our Athlete Mental Health Alliance (AMHA), a coalition of athletes, mental health advocates, parents and partners invested in making athlete mental health a national priority.

The Athlete Mental Health Alliance (AMHA) aims to leverage the lived experiences and amplify the voices of athletes demanding a change in the sport system, as it pertains to their mental health. Through research, advocacy, and partnership we aim to facilitate a national plan supporting athlete mental health, developed with athletes, for athletes.

Our vision is to lift the ‘athlete voice’ as it leads the way in mental health solutions for elite athletes. Each of these voices combined will lead the charge in working with lawmakers to establish universal legislation that would create mental health rights for all athletes. Legislation created nationally could influence elite athlete programs as well as state and local youth mental health sports programs to create best practices and recommended training for athletes, coaches and trainers. Athletes for Hope is uniquely positioned to unite this national group with our experience in athlete advocacy and a strong network of professional, Olympic, Paralympic and student-athletes continues to grow.

“Athletes for Hope is proud to be convening this incredible group of athletes and mental health advocates who want to break down barriers to create change for athletes at all levels. Athlete mental health impacts millions of young people involved in sports of all ages and abilities, and our athlete network is poised to take action as advocates and community leaders.” Suzanne Potts, LMSW, MPH, Chief Wellbeing Officer at AFH. 

Members of the AMHA include individual athletes, Alston for Athletes, the Alliance of Social Workers in Sports, American Psychiatric Association Foundation, Athlete Empowerment Initiative, Bipartisan Policy Center, the Center for Healing and Justice Through Sports, Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation, Enough Suffering in Silence, The Hidden Opponent, Hilinski’s Hope, Katie’s Save, Mindz Matter, Morgan’s Message, Philadelphia Youth Sports Collective, Sara Shulze Foundation, and Tackle What’s Next.

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About Athletes for Hope

Founded by Muhammad Ali, Andre Agassi, Mia Hamm, and nine other elite athletes in 2006, Athletes for Hope (AFH) is a cause-neutral non-profit that educates, encourages, and empowers athletes to find their passions and use their time to positively engage with their communities. Over the past 16 years, AFH has educated more than 12,000 professional, Olympic, Paralympic, and collegiate athletes through its Causeway workshop series, and helped athletes volunteer with hundreds of underserved schools and impactful community organizations through core programs that focus on helping underserved children become more physically active, changing the public stigma around mental health, and brightening the lives of children in hospitals. Through their dedication and passion for doing good, AFH athletes have positively impacted the lives of millions around the world.