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Ayden Jent, AFH Community Hero of the Week

US Paralympian Ayden Jent is this Week’s AFH Community Hero!

Ayden Jent, retired Para Track and Field, U.S Paralympian, has been a dedicated member of AFH since 2016. Ayden has a passion for serving others and it is evident in everything he participates in. From AFH Fit, to our Hospital Heroes Program, he is always looking for ways to give back to his community.

AFH Fit has been a consistent passion of Ayden’s over the years. He has inspired thousands of students to stay active and has also had the opportunity to teach students all about the Paralympics and what it’s like growing up with a disability. He has used his platform to spread awareness about so many important causes and he makes sure that with each interaction people are left with a smile on their face. Constantly going out of his way to spread kindness and joy to others and lift the spirits of those in need, Ayden is an obvious choice for this weeks AFH community hero. 

“I encourage you to find something you’re passionate about and go out and support it. It could be protecting trees, animals, the ocean or more. There are so many avenues and potential opportunities out there. Community Service and giving back isn’t just something you do it should be a way of life.”

Ayden Jent
Ayden is smiling at the camera with his arm around a dog.

“My big dream is to one day be able to provide two Scholarships to students from my old high school to help them with college.” 

Ayden Jent