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Athlete speaking at Brunson Field to young students

AFH FIT connects schools around the country with incredible athletes to teach kids the importance of physical fitness and character-building traits.

Over the last 30 years in the U.S. childhood obesity rates have tripled. AFH created the AFH FIT program to address this critical issue by connecting our powerful network of college, professional, and Olympic athletes to schools, after-school programs, and running clubs to empower them to become more physically active.

In each AFH FIT visit, AFH athletes discuss the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle, and emphasize character development via the C.H.A.M.P.S. curriculum. Rooted in research and 21st century skill-building, the C.H.A.M.P.S curriculum’s six core pillars are designed to promote social and emotional intelligence while inspiring youth lead in sport, in the classroom, and in their communities.

AFH conducts pre and post testing of students who participate in the AFH FIT program with the primary goals of improving student perception of physical activity and increasing motivation to exercise on a daily basis. Nearly 100% of participating schools reported that AFH athletes positively impacted their classrooms and their students are more motivated to exercise as a result of their presence.

Thanks to our wonderful partners, Marathon Kids and Active Schools, we are able to reach our goals. Our partners allow us to bring professional and Olympic athletes and the C.H.A.M.P.S curriculum to thousands of children across the country through in-person visits, virtual visits, and a series of videos made by our athletes.

While the AFH FIT program facilitated more than 180 AFH Fit athlete in-person visits with thousands of children at schools and after-school programs over the last year, AFH FIT is responding to COVID-19 by shifting its focus to virtual visits and other digital resources to help promote physical fitness for the upcoming school year.

AFH Fit helps our Pro & Olympic members use their platform to promote physical fitness to children across the country | number of kids: 35,000; number of athletes: 264; number of visits: 181; number of markets: 30AFH Fit Number of visits chart: 2014/15 - 24; 2015/16 -83; 2016/17 - 105; 2017/18 - 163; 2018/19 -181
AFH Fit Athlete Feedback: "AFH is doing a fantastic job and I look forward to contributing more." | "Keep doing these visits, it inspires the next generation." | "I love athletes for hope."95% of both partners & athletes rated their visit either excellent or above average

For Schools

Interested in having an athlete from Athletes for Hope visit your school or organization? We are excited to coordinate with athletes to support your efforts. Please fill out our Contact Form and one of our team members will be in touch with you when opportunities arise.