Athletes for Active Communities Week is Coming - Athletes for Hope

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Athletes for Active Communities Week is Coming

We are calling on all professional, Olympic and college AFH member athletes to join us for Athletes for Active Communities Week, a joint initiative between Athletes for Hope, Marathon Kids, and Active Schools to help children become more physically active. This year, we are encouraging communities to become more active, particularly children and parents, in working together to make physical activity a daily priority. AFH athletes will help to deliver this message during the week of September 25th.
This special campaign will activate via two components:
  • In-Person Athlete Visits: Visit a school or Marathon Kids location in your local area and inspire kids to get moving! Talk about the importance of staying physically active every day, and participate in fun activities with the kids. If you are interested, let us know where you will be (City/State) during the week of September 25th.
    • #ActiveCommunities Video Challenge: Record a short video explaining why you think physical activity is important to you and demonstrate how you stay physically fit (e.g. running, playing sports, a few pushups, etc.). Then challenge five others in your social network to join the #ActiveCommunities video challenge by filming their favorite physical activity. Check out this great campaign video put together by the Boston Breakers.

This campaign depends on you! Help us make physical education in schools a priority and keep our kids on a path to becoming healthier adults. Please contact us so that we can locate a participating school near you.