How to Support Texans Affected by Hurricane Harvey - Athletes for Hope

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How to Support Texans Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Calling all Texas AFH Member athletes!

We hope you are all safe from Hurricane Harvey. Please let us know if there is anything you need. If you are in a place where you can help out, please contact the following for volunteer support opportunities. Three easy ways to provide support during a disaster are to make a donation, share information about volunteer efforts on social media or volunteer directly in your community.


We know you care and want to help so here are a few places that we know are looking for volunteer support.

  • Red Cross
  • Shelters for families are popping up in various communities so please check this Red Cross list for shelters in your area to see what they need for volunteers.


You can also check with your local pet shelters to see what they need. Most shelters won’t take in pets along with humans, so pets are often displaced, lost or left behind.

Pet Shelters:

We know there are hundreds of thousands of Texans in need of support right now and we are so grateful for your willingness to help out during times of need. Athletes for Hope is here to help connect you with community volunteer efforts and will continue to support and share resources as available.

Thank you for all that you do in our communities!