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Heather Mitts:Professional Athlete and Mother

Q: How has being an athlete prepared you for motherhood? 

A: From the day we found out I was pregnant, I treated the nine month lead up to the birth as training for the big event. I continued working out, eating healthy, educating myself on what to expect and prepared myself mentally for the task ahead. Then I treated the first two weeks like pre-season and since then my ability to multitask while playing transfers over to being a mom. It’s pretty comical but once an athlete always an athlete. If you have the right attitude & prepare properly, you can accomplish anything.

Q: Would you want your child/children to become (a) professional athlete(s)? Why or Why not.

A: Only if they want to. My parents didn’t push me but we were always active growing up. My husband and I love to play sports & be outside so I am sure our son will reap the benefits. We will introduce him to all sports and support his time commitment. After that its up to him.

Q: Name something you have learned as a professional athlete that you will teach your child. 

A: Once you start something you fully dedicate your time and efforts for the entire season. After the season is over if he decides he isn’t interested then that’s okay. My parents never let me quit an activity. It’s was full dedication, effort & attitude while committed.

Q: What is the best thing about being a parent? 

A: Creating a life with the person you love that relies on you & whom you love & care about more than anything else in the world.