The Aspen Institute's Project Play Roundtable - Athletes for Hope

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The Aspen Institute’s Project Play Roundtable

Held on the cusp of the Partnership for Healthier America Summit, and underwritten by Nike through its Designed to Move initiative, the roundtable:

  • Explored opportunities and strategies for organizations funding sport and physical activities
  • Identified new opportunities to grow resources
  • Considered the role of government and private industry in allocation of existing resources

“Athletes for Hope is excited to be part of a select group that is committed to exploring ways we can improve the health of children through physical fitness,” Blumberg said. “Children and physical fitness are the two biggest charitable passions of over 2,000 professional and Olympic AFH athletes, and we are looking forward to mobilizing our network to make a positive impact in the lives of America’s youth.”

Congratulations on this fantastic opportunity and we can’t wait to see the impact that comes out of the institute this year.