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Southern University and LSU Athletes Help Flood Victims

Southern University and LSU Athletes Help Flood Victims

AFH University athletes in Baton Rouge have been committed to the recovery of their community. Athletes have continued to put in work by using their platform to give HOPE to the citizens of Baton Rouge during the flood’s aftermath.

Southern Softball:  Cristo Rey Charter School received 2 feet of flood as a result of the flooding. Last Saturday, Southern Softball helped them make their new building a home by setting up classrooms, the cafeteria, and creating an inspiration wall for students to come back to on their first day of school at the new location.

IMG_0124  IMG_0126

LSU Softball: The ladies of LSU and Southern Softball assisted in the cleanup of an affected home.

IMG_0159  IMG_0160

Southern Baseball: Assisted with a school clean in partnership with City Year at Banks Elementary School. The team also helped with the cleanup process at Living Faith Church by moving debris and furniture, mopping, cleaning windows, and painting.

IMG_0127      IMG_0092

LSU Volleyball: Volunteered at BREC Highland Road Community Park emergency camp. The ladies led a of class of 71 kids in the basics of volleyball.

Keep up the great work, athletes! We are very proud of your devotion to the Baton Rouge community.

Athletes for Hope University Teams Help Flood Victims in Baton Rouge

Over 600 varsity college athletes who are part of the Athletes for Hope University program have been impacted by the flooding in Baton Rouge, LA. A large group of these athletes have spent considerable time giving back to those in need in the Baton Rouge community.

“We are really grateful for the support that this community shows to our team and all of LSU Athletics. We are more than happy to give back in any way possible and look forward to continue helping rebuild the community in the near future”- Kelly Quinn, LSU Volleyball.

Below are a few examples of the tremendous work that AFH U teams have done in the Baton Rouge community over the past few days:

Southern Band

Southern Baseball
southern baseball

LSU Football

lsu football

LSU Baseball

LSU Women’s Volleyball
lsu volleyball

LSU Women’s Basketball

lsu bb

Thank you, athletes, for doing what you do best – inspiring others. We want to support you in your efforts. If your team needs help in identifying a way to give back to the community, please contact us.

AFH U: Louisiana Update

AFH University kicked off the month of March by conducting 1.5 workshops with teams from Louisiana State University (LSU) and Southern University (SU).  Student athletes revisited the core values shared in the 1.0 workshop, participated in physical activity training led by the World Fit for Kids team, chose team leaders, and began the connection process. All teams have chosen their connection and are looking forward to participating this semester.

LSU Women's Soccer Team and Skip Bertman
LSU Women’s Soccer Team and Skip Bertman

Teams and Connection Partners for this year:

LSU Baseball visited Key Academy, a school for children with dyslexia, in February. Three players, along with the legendary Skip Bertman, engaged the children in the importance of physical education and the basic techniques of baseball.  Thanks to the players and to Skip for meeting with the kids.

LSU Men’s Baseball Players, Skip Bertman and kids

Southern University Softball Connection with Special Olympics

2016 is off to a fast start with AFH-U at Southern University (SU). Last week the Women’s Softball team selected the Special Olympics as their team connection partner. Staying in line with the Causeway the team connected with over 20 Special Olympics athletes by spending the day bowling! The team had such a good time that they would love to continue their relationship with the Special Olympics in the coming months. As part of this commitment from the Softball team, the Special Olympics will choose an athlete each game to throw out the first pitch at each SU home game this season.