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International Athlete Spotlight

International Athlete Spotlight

Fijian Basketball Player Joshua Fox on the Importance of Giving Back

Fiji native Joshua Fox played college basketball at UC Davis before playing professionally across both Europe and Australia. Joshua has also been given the opportunity to represent his home country of Fiji in international competitions. Currently, Joshua is transitioning from being a professional athlete, to a retired athlete and is focusing his work on creating a positive impact in his native county of Fiji.

What was the first moment you realized the importance of using your platform to give back?

There were two occasions that truly stuck out to me. The first was seeing my mom pack and send things back to Fiji despite us not having much. The second was kids and adults messaging me from Fiji. I never realized the impact and reach I had on people back home. It became clear that I have more influence than I could have imagined.

How do you balance being a professional athlete and participating in service?

The balance is similar to when you have your practices and workouts. You organize your schedule to make time to give back to your community.

Giving back not only allows you to chase your passion for helping others, but it gives you a needed escape to get away from thinking only about yourself. 

Joshua Fox

What has inspired you when giving back to your community?

I was inspired by all the people who helped my family and I when we first arrived in the United States. This helped us get our footing and once we did, my mom started sending supplies and money back to the communities in Fiji.  

I am blessed to have what I have and I am lucky enough to give back to Fiji.

Joshua Cook

What is your advice to other athletes across all levels of sports who are looking to get more involved in community service and giving back?

Just start. Like everything else you have in life once you start, you gain experience, knowledge, and momentum. Do not worry about how big or small the impact is. Any impact that helps someone is incredibly positive. Enjoy it and make friends with other volunteers and people within the communities you are helping.

What does the future of your charitable involvement/advocacy look like? What are your long-term goals?

My long-term goal is to create a nonprofit focused on giving back to Fiji. I want to help change and push the country forward by being able to give back on a bigger more impactful scale. At the moment I have been focused on clothes, school & work supplies, non-perishables, and shoes.

Do not worry about how big or small the impact is. Any impact that helps someone is incredibly positive

Joshua Fox