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Pledge to Reach Out

For many people, the stigma of mental health challenges can feel isolating and overwhelming. The fear of sharing that you’re feeling weak, anxious, or hopeless can feel impossible in environments where winning is the ultimate goal.  

In honor of World Mental Health Day, Athletes for Hope created the Pledge to Reach Out in partnership with Champs Sports.

Together, we believe that stepping up and taking on hard conversations with teammates is a way that the team can grow stronger and recognize that the first step to addressing mental health is by shattering the stigma and creating community. Small acts of checking in or taking time to talk are more than kind; they can be lifesaving. When it seems like a teammate or a friend is struggling, the first step is to reach out. The willingness to have a conversation might be scary or uncomfortable at first, but it reminds the other person – you’re not alone. 

It starts with showing up, and a willingness to listen. 

It doesn’t need to be perfect, or filled with advice.

It starts with reaching out.

Pledge to Reach Out

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