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Zac Plantz Foundation Makes Generous Donation

Ahead of World Mental Health Day on October 10, 2023, Athletes for Hope received a generous $25,000 donation from the Zac Plantz Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to “shepherd those seeking a better tomorrow” with a focus on education, leadership, and wellness to continue the chapters Zac left unwritten.

Zac Plantz was a student-athlete at the University of Notre Dame where he played rugby and earned his bachelor’s degree. Zac was a leader in his community, passionate and competitive, with a light-hearted spirit. He was a passionate mental health advocate, raising over $145,000 for the Movember Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving men’s physical and mental health. Zac was committed to fighting the stigma surrounding men’s mental health and used his platform to raise awareness and encourage others that vulnerability is a sign of strength.

The more he advocated for others, the more he became an advocate for his own mental health, attending therapy and creating open dialogue with friends and family for important conversations around mental health.

The Zac Plantz Foundation puts on three events over the course of the year including their Evening for Good, Zacamo Bowl, and Don’t Run Alone 5k. Funds raised by the foundation are allocated to one of its three main pillars: faith-based education, leadership through action, and wellness & mental health.

The donation made by the Zac Plantz Foundation will go towards Athletes for Hope Whole Being Athlete Program which unites and empowers athletes of all levels and backgrounds to work together and reduce the stigma of mental health in and out of sports.

As we continue our mental health work, we are honored to have been gifted a generous donation in honor of Zac and the legacy he has created.

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About Athletes for Hope

Founded by Muhammad Ali, Andre Agassi, Mia Hamm, and nine other elite athletes in 2006, Athletes for Hope (AFH) is a cause-neutral non-profit that educates, encourages, and empowers athletes to find their passions and use their time to positively engage with their communities. Over the past 16 years, AFH has educated more than 12,000 professional, Olympic, Paralympic, and collegiate athletes through its Causeway workshop series, and helped athletes volunteer with hundreds of underserved schools and impactful community organizations through core programs that focus on helping underserved children become more physically active, changing the public stigma around mental health, and brightening the lives of children in hospitals. Through their dedication and passion for doing good, AFH athletes have positively impacted the lives of millions around the world.

About Zac Plantz Foundation

Inspired by Zac’s legacy, The Zac Plantz Foundation is dedicated to shepherding young men and women who are committed to creating a better tomorrow. The Foundation aims to invest in young people by providing them with opportunities to grow academically, socially, and spiritually as they set out to establish inspiring legacies of their own. In honor of Zac’s commitment to the whole person, the Zac Plantz Foundation champions faith-based education, service & leadership, and health & wellness initiatives.