AFH Community Hero | Lauren Brzozowski

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AFH Community Hero

From competing on ice to community impact

When bobsledder Lauren Brzozowski puts on the red, white, and blue, she realizes that the opportunity she has is not to be taken for granted. In fact, she does not think she is only representing what her nation stands for, but the people within it. 

This realization is a driving force in Lauren’s Olympic aspirations, but also her philanthropic work away from the ice track. Through Lauren Brzozowski’s work with Embrace Relief, she has been able to help countless lives. It is for these reasons and more that she is Athletes for Hope’s September Community Hero of the Month. 

Lauren Brzozowski speaking before an Embrace Relief 5k walkathon event.

“The main thing I work with [Embrace Relief] on is the 5K walkathon where we try to raise money to rebuild 250 wells in various parts of Africa,” Lauren said. 

She has served as an ambassador and honored guest at the walkathon for the past two years to support Fountains of Hope and the Clean Water Initiative. 

Her social media presence, where she has over 70,000 followers on TikTok and over 15,000 followers on Instagram, has also allowed her to make an impact. She posts personable videos and photos on both platforms and always promotes her charitable work as well. 

“The greatest thing about working with Embrace Relief and my time with Athletes for Hope is that being an athlete, I firmly believe that it’s important to give back to your community whether it’s the one that you live in or on the other side of the world,” Lauren said. 

This hunger to give back and inspire others has helped Lauren equip herself with the tools to make a difference. The Clean Water Initiative may be an internationally focused program, but Lauren’s empathy expands beyond the country she represents. 

Lauren Brzozowski being interviewed during an Embrace Relief 5k walkathon event.

Lauren understands that while she does travel a lot and is oftentimes working, she can still make time to connect with communities and people in need. Virtually or in-person, she is dedicated to helping others with hands-on work or moral action. 

“You can see the impact of your actions in real-time,” Lauren said about the walkathon and other events. 

Lauren was once in a gray area athletically, unsure of whether or not she could pursue track and field beyond the collegiate level. She took a risk in transitioning to bobsled and has since become a face of the sport. 

Lauren Brzozowski bobsledding at training in Lake Placid.

Speaking to high schools and individual athletes, Lauren continues to help motivate the next generation of performers in sport. Team USA Bobsled makes it a point to do charitable work, and Lauren is as eager as ever to contribute to the betterment of society. 

“Understanding what people go through, getting a new perspective on people that you can help in your life,” Lauren said. “I think what [Athletes for Hope] does for communities is amazing.”

She has met many people over the years, from the underprivileged to fellow athletes, to kids, and through each meeting Lauren has learned a lesson. 

But one lesson reigns true above them all.

“Never give up, because you never know who you can inspire,” she said. 

Photo of Lauren Brzozowski smiling softly in her USA bobsled uniform.