AFH Athlete Spotlight | Rashad Weaver

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Athlete Spotlight

Rashad Weaver finds love in the little actions

Football player Rashad Weaver found a “deep love” for football his sophomore year in high school after he transitioned to defense, and never looked back. Today, Weaver is aware of his blessings and has found a way to support the next generation of children. 

The NFL linebacker has always viewed himself as a person who remains a work in progress socially. There is no sense of ego in his everyday emotions, and the Tennessee Titan will be the first to admit that it can be hard to balance such a busy lifestyle. 

The only difference between Weaver and many people is that he finds fulfillment in giving back, no matter the circumstances. He has found how influential his platform can be as a professional athlete and has embraced his role as a giver. 

photo of Tennessee Titan, Rashad Weaver, down and ready to make a play.

“I view myself as a very normal person, but to these kids and people I am so much more at times,” Weaver said. “It’s awesome to give them that joy.”

So when he is tired after a long practice or is coming from a brutal workout, he simply remembers the smiles he receives and the impact he can have. 

As a kid, Weaver played 4 sports and looked up to mainstream athletes as idols. Now, he makes it his mission to give back to the kids whose shoes he was once in. 

“I see kids telling me I’m their favorite player, with my jersey, writing me notes or letters, asking for autographs or just excited to hang out and have a good time,” Weaver said. “That’s when I realized the impact my platform can have.”

To Weaver, love can come in many different forms. It can come in a smile, an ounce of happiness, or a small gesture. Giving back has become the star’s way of showing love, and it is through others that he realizes he is more than a normal person, he is a source of inspiration. 

When he is able to make the time, Weaver enjoys participating in school days and other things of that nature to help the youth. He views them as innocent and without control of their situation making their smiles that much more important. 

Rashad Weaver stands with Patrick Jones II at the Chasing M's charity softball tournament.

“I just tell myself how much fun I will have and no matter how big or small that I can positively impact someone,” he said. “It gives me the desire to go to these events even when I have things going on.”

It took time to adjust to a lifestyle with service involved, but he remains candid as to the importance of supporting the less fortunate or underserved. 

Whether a person is sick or without many of life’s privileges, Weaver is always grateful for the opportunity to touch lives. 

He is the first person in his family to attend a university and also graduate from one. He was a first-team All-American in college and was drafted to the NFL. And he still counts his blessings and reaches out to help others. 

Rashad Weaver twirls his friend around at the Rally on the Runway event.

He knows football is more than a game, it is an opportunity to make your mark on the world. 

“Just take the leap,” Weaver said. “It can be overwhelming sometimes or even a little nerve-wracking as you can end up in uncomfortable positions, maybe with sick people or people in not great positions. But the feeling you will feel after being involved outweighs it all and you will be so grateful you got to spend time with these people.”