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Athletes & Philanthropy 101

Four Tips for Student-Athletes To Start Giving Back

As the 2023 fall semester approaches, student-athletes from across the country are heading back to their college campuses and are wondering how they can get involved in charitable work for their community. Athletes for Hope is here to help you get started, set goals, and support you through this semester and beyond! All athletes, no matter what level, can lead from where they are and make a difference in their community- and no, you don’t need to be verified on social media to make an impact.

Here are four tips to help you give back this semester:

Join Your Schools SAAC

A student-athlete advisory committee (SAAC) is a committee made up of student-athletes assembled to provide insight into the student-athlete experience. Currently, there are separate national SAACs for NCAA Divisions I, II, and III, alongside SAACs on individual campuses.

While the SAAC helps to generate a student-athlete voice within the institution and on a national level, it also supports the campus and conference community through community outreach efforts.

Examples of SAAC community events include:

  • Toy Drives
  • Team Visits to Childrens Hospitals
  • Special Olympic Events
  • Team Visits to Schools

Donate Your Time

The most valuable thing you can give as a student-athlete is your time. Throughout the school year, there are countless organizations in your community that need volunteers. Whether you volunteer your time at a local nonprofit or charity, walking a dog who has been placed in a shelter, writing a note to a child in the hospital, or cleaning up after an event at a senior center, any time spent positively impacting your community makes a lasting impact.

Use Your Platform For Good

In the new age of digital media, your platform as an athlete has the ability to change the world. Remember when we mentioned that you didn’t need to be verified to make a difference? We meant it! Student-athletes from all conferences and divisions are using their social media to become game changers.

Things that may seem small such as resharing a post, tagging an organization on social, or engaging with an organization’s post goes a long way in terms of visibility and advocacy.

Get Involved With Athletes for Hope

Athletes for Hope created the AFH University program to provide guidance to student-athletes on how to be effective volunteers as they learn what community causes they may align with.

AFH University provides student-athletes the opportunity to:

  1. Engage in meaningful, impactful community service
  2. Experience the benefits of engaging in student leadership and student self-governance
  3. Collaborate with student-athletes from other sports
  4. Increase their involvement with the rest of the University community and the local community

If you are a student-athlete or collegiate team wanting to get involved in community service during the 2023 fall semester, please contact AFH University Assistant Director, Sara Keane, at

We would love to help connect you to service opportunities in your area!