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What We’re Reading

May 2023

Every day, athletes all over the world are doing incredible work in their communities by giving back, creating opportunities for those less fortunate, and making connections that will last a lifetime. Here are six articles the AFH team read throughout the month of May that you could have missed.

“At this point my priority is my mental well-being and taking a break for some time. I’ve worked as hard as I could to push through it.”

Read the full article at ESPN.com

“An avid cross country and track runner whose 4×400-meter relay team won at Nike Indoor Nationals this winter, Collin Maher knew he wanted to give back to his community with a running-related project.”

Read the full article on RunnersWorld.com

“What better way to help than go into a community that I was already part of — the Boys & Girls Club.”

Read the full article at Inquirer.com

“I live it every single day. It shouldn’t be just a one-day thing. We should celebrate accessibility and global awareness every single day.”

Read the full article on olympics.nbcsports.com

“Their families had trouble paying the bills, so we started out thinking, ‘Well, let’s see how many we can pay.’ There were about 20 of them, and we just couldn’t decide, so we basically paid for 20 families.”

Read the full article on profootballnetwork.com

“You want to have a positive impact on people’s lives. That’s the reason why we have the foundation: to try to impact as many people as we can.”

Read the full article on Boardroom.tv