AFH Program Highlight - AFH Fit

Join us in breaking down the stigma: become a Mental Health Champion today

AFH Program Highlight

Highlighting AFH Fit on International Youth Day

August 12 marks the United Nation’s International Youth Day, an awareness day intended to uplift the causes and issues that affect youth throughout the world. This year’s theme, Intergenerational Solidarity, focuses on the need to collaborate to “foster successful and intergenerational relations and partnerships to ensure that no one is left behind.” This sentiment is one Athletes for Hope firmly believes in and we exemplify through our AFH Fit program.

Using the power of sport and the athletic spirit, AFH Athletes make in-person and virtual visits to classrooms across the country to encourage physical and mental health through our AFH Fit C.H.A.M.P.S. curriculum. While the COVID-19 pandemic continued to derail many in-person visits, we were able to continue our virtual opportunities by sharing our program digitally.

To see the full impact of the program, take a look at the ’21-’22 AFH Fit Program by the numbers recap below.  

“The AFH Fit program supplemented a critical need during virtual learning. Students were able to access the content at any time and I used the program materials as part of my students’ educational instruction.”

-AFH Fit Teacher Participant

We can’t wait for next year’s program to kick off in October! If you have any questions or want to bring AFH Fit to your school or youth program, let us know by sending a note here.