Athlete Highlight: N'aithan Scott - Athletes for Hope

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Athlete Highlight: N’aithan Scott

Celebrating our 10th year of helping athletes connect with causes they care about, has allowed us to reflect on those who have gone above and beyond to help others. This month, we are highlighting USA Track and Field’s N’aithan Scott in his own words.

“Athletes for Hope has helped me become more confident as a leader outside of athletics. I have encouraged and inspired children in many ways through AFH and I couldn’t be more thankful.

My second AFH visit was one to remember. After my visit, a student came up to say thank you and when he did he cried. After asking him what was wrong, he replied with “You picked me to race with you. I never get picked for anything and you picked me. I feel so happy that you thought I was special like you.” I hugged the kid and told him he was a great young man and that no matter what, he could be whatever he wanted as long as he believed in himself. (It made me tear up leaving the school)

I knew at that moment, AFH was something I wanted to be part of for a very long time. That is my favorite memory with AFH. I may come to a school to talk about healthy and active lifestyles, but I always leave as an inspiration and role model.
AFH inspires the youth to be the best they can be. It gives children the chance to see their dreams in a reality by having athletes spend time with them. Not only do the children grow and find benefits from AFH, but the athletes are also benefiting from AFH as well. We, as athletes, see how we impact the future generations and it humbles us and makes us better people. AFH is one of the best organizations I have ever been part of.”