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Athletes for Hope University Update: Tulane

Tulane Athletics holds three core pillars for student-athletes: Excellence in Scholarship, Excellence in Sport, Excellence in Service. While community service is a key component of every Tulane student’s experience, Athletics has partnered with Athletes for Hope University to provide its student-athletes with a better platform for giving back to the New Orleans community.


“Intercollegiate athletics, at its core, provides students skilled in athletics an opportunity to prepare themselves for a lifetime of success.  Any definition of success in a civil society includes a commitment to serve others, and improve the whole of a society through actions of the individual,” says Tulane Athletic Director Troy Dannen. “The partnership with Athletes for Hope provides our student-athlete an outlet to build an understanding of service to others and further enhance their likelihood of living a successful life, while enhancing the world around them. It is certainly the most win-win opportunity in a world of athletics that is often characterized by the ability to win.”


Since October, all 16 Tulane intercollegiate teams have completed the Athletes for Hope 1.0 Workshop, focused on educating and empowering student-athletes. Now that all Tulane sports teams are enrolled, the student-athletes are moving on the connection phase: finding local causes that members of each team are passionate about and pitching in.


Tulane Women’s Golf

Before their spring season kicked off, the members of the golf team spent a beautiful New Orleans Sunday on the miniature golf course with Special Olympics of Orleans Parish. We can’t say for sure who won, but everyone did have a lot of fun.

The team also plans to host a junior golf clinic during their upcoming home tournament.


All Student-Athletes

When Special Olympics of Louisiana pitched a unified rivalry game between Tulane and LSU, Tulane student-athletes rallied, filling the gym with fans to create a big-game atmosphere.

Check out this video for a full recap of the festivities:


Upcoming in 2017

This spring, in addition to the golf team’s junior clinic:

  • Volleyball and football will be hosting Special Olympics clinics
  • Student-athletes will be assisting with the 2nd annual unified Special Olympics 3 vs 3 basketball league hosted at Tulane
  • Football will be visiting the children’s ward at Tulane Hospital
  • Teams will be visiting local schools during PE to promote healthy habits


As Tulane Athletics develops the partnership with Athletes for Hope, look for our student-athletes out in the community, and don’t be afraid to say hello when you see them!