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Awvee Story and KIPP D.C.

Two years ago, Athletes for Hope partnered with KIPP D.C. – a charter school in the D.C. area – to help empower kids in some of America’s toughest neighborhoods. KIPP D.C. schools are tuition-free, open enrollment schools, which actively recruit and educate students in the city’s most educationally underserved communities.


Awvee Storey, former basketball player of the Washington Wizards and coach for the Washington Mystics, learned about AFH from our staff and training with the WNBA powerhouse. He knew that there was a need in D.C. for empowering kids and he stood up to the plate. Although Awvee just moved to California, the kids from KIPP Charter School in D.C. weigh heavily on his mind. Every single month, from October to May, Awvee boards a plane and flies to D.C. to volunteer his time with the kids. We asked what makes this program so important to him.


“I once was one of them, and to have a professional athlete give them the time each month to come to my school would mean everything to (me) and them. It helps them see athletes in a different light other than on TV,” said Awvee. He says of the kids, “They come to me every time and tell me how they have improved in their school work and attitudes.”


One of the great things about Awvee’s work with KIPP D.C. is that he has brought in more athletes to the program as special guests. We asked him how he is able to get so many Washington Wizards players to join him in his visits. Awvee says, “I just ask them. Players understand their value in working with kids so then come. Players tell me they enjoy the time with the kids.”

We asked Awvee what he would say to an athlete considering giving back to others. “If giving back to kids is something important to you, find the time and make it work. Not once but something consistent,” he said.


Thank you, Awvee, for being a consistent presence in the lives of the kids at KIPP D.C. Charter School. We are so grateful for your dedication and applaud you for all you are doing to make this world a better place for kids.