Facilitating Philanthropy at Louisiana's Top Universities - Athletes for Hope

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Facilitating Philanthropy at Louisiana’s Top Universities

Athletes for Hope – University (AFH U) continues to make progress with collegiate teams and area non-profits in the Baton Rouge community. Through the AFH U model, we have educated hundreds of collegiate athletes about community service, and connected teams to non-profit organizations dedicated to physical activity and healthy lifestyles.

AFH U relies on a uniquely designed curriculum for each team participating in the program. The fundamentals of the curriculum include:

  • 1.0 Workshop
  • 1.5 Workshop
  • 2.0 Workshop
  • Physical Activity Training: A World Fit for Kids

To date, AFH U has facilitated its workshops for 20 teams at LSU, Southern University, and Tulane. The complete list of teams includes:

  • LSU Men’s Baseball
  • LSU Women’s Basketball
  • LSU Women’s Gymnastics
  • LSU Women’s Golf
  • LSU Women’s Softball
  • LSU Men’s Basketball
  • LSU Women’s Soccer
  • LSU Women’s Volleyball
  • LSU Swimming and Diving
  • LSU Track & Field
  • LSU Cross Country
  • LSU Men’s Tennis


  • Southern Women’s Softball
  • Southern Men’s Basketball
  • Southern Track & Field
  • Southern Women’s Volleyball
  • Southern Women’s Soccer
  • Southern Marching Band
  • Southern Men’s Baseball


  • Tulane Football
  • Tulane Women’s Volleyball
  • Tulane Women’s Basketball

AFH U is looking forward to conducting workshops with new teams this upcoming Fall 2016 and connecting more teams to charitable opportunities in the Baton Rouge community.

“Everything was great from them talking to exercising with the kids. It was a joy to see because it motivated them to try”
– Coach Howard, Glasgow Middle School

“The players and buddies were so excited to have the LSU soccer team visit them. Everyone enjoyed their assistance and visits”
– Charlene Lauman, Miracle League Volunteer Coordinator

“We benefited by showcasing college athletes that were active and doing well in school. Students were able to learn about college expectations, different majors, and new exercises.”
– Latasha Richard, Progress Elementary Guidance Counselor

“The students loved having the student athletes help in the classes. When the students saw them jump roping, tossing and catching bean bags/balls, doing their warm-up dances, they were more inclined to want to show the Student Athletes that they could do it too. They were inspirations to the students.”
– Coach Richardon, FLAIM Elementary

“The athletes were supportive of each of our athletes and their unique disabilities. They chipped in to help with activities when needed and rallied to encourage them all to do their best. Each one was a personal cheerleader!”
– Mary Ballard, Baton Rouge Special Olympics Coordinator

Kenya Warren-Hollins
AFH U Program Consultant