Jordin Andrade Visits Seattle Let’s Move Active School

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Jordin Andrade Visits Seattle Let’s Move Active School

Olympic hopeful and track star, Jordin Andrade, visited a Let’s Move Active School in Seattle this month. Jordin shared why he volunteers with Athletes for Hope and why Let’s Move Active Schools is important to him.

Why did you volunteer?
I volunteered to encourage kids to explore their abilities and to be active. The chance to go outdoors and have an adventure is not always easy for kids these days. I want to use my experience to help show kids that anything is possible and to take advantage of being young while they can.

Why Let’s Move Active Schools?
I was in love with sports and video games as a kid. Many people doubted my athletic abilities, even the closest people told me that I couldn’t be the great athlete that I dreamt to be. I quit sports at one point out of fear of not being good enough as so many thought I would be. I don’t want anyone to quit their passions because of what other people say – whether it is sports or any hobby they love.

What was your favorite part of the day?

My favorite part of the day was meeting the kids after the speech. I was able to see the energy and personalities of all the children on a more personal level than in an assembly. I hope I sparked a passion to explore the possibilities this world has to offer!