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N’aithan Scott Inspires Kids in Phoenix

Students from Holiday Park Elementary School in Phoenix hosted N’aithan Scott last month – a 2016 Olympic Hopeful who specializes in the indoor 60 meter hurdles and outdoor 110 meter hurdles. After leading the students in a few track and field exercises, he spent time answering questions from the kids and sharing the importance of exercise and proper nutrition. Here’s what N’aithan said about his Let’s Move Active Schools visit.

Why do you volunteer?

“I love to give back to the kids who look for inspiration. I was once a kid who needed a role model, and now that I have an opportunity to be one I do all that I can.”

What made you choose this charity?

“Active Schools is a great cause. I believe that an active lifestyle is good for everyone. Kids definitely need to enjoy having an active lifestyle so they can continue to be active as they grow older. This cause helps kids understand the importance of being active and I enjoy being a part of that.”

What was the best part of your visit?

“I enjoyed the warm welcome from the kids and the staff, but I have to say my favorite part of the day was during our game of tag. I absolutely love watching the kids have a good time playing and being active. It makes me feel like a kid again.”