AFH conducts workshop for 2013 NBA Rookies - Athletes for Hope

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AFH conducts workshop for 2013 NBA Rookies

For the second straight year, Athletes for Hope led the NBA rookies in a workshop about their philanthropic involvement as part of the 2013 NBA Rookie Transition Program.

Athletes for Hope CEO Ivan Blumberg led the workshop and helped facilitate a discussion with the players as they shared ideas about several topics, including a conversation about the differences between obligation, responsibility, and opportunity as it relates to giving back. Additionally, the players debated the pros and cons of starting a foundation and discussed the multitude of other ways that allow them to make a difference in their communities.

As an NBA partner, AFH takes a large role in providing a philanthropic education curriculum for the players and AFH also helps connect the players to charitable organizations that match their passions.  At this year’s workshop, nearly 100% of the players signed up as Athletes for Hope members and we look forward to helping them further their passion in giving back to the community!