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Athletes for Hope Facilitates Workshop for Boston Breakers

For the fourth time in five years, Athletes for Hope facilitated a philanthropy education workshop for the Boston Breakers players and coaches.  Several players in the room have worked with AFH over a number of years, including US National Team star Heather O’Reilly, Cat Whitehill, and Kia McNeil.

Cat kicked off the workshop by introducing AFH and talked a little bit about her wide range of charitable involvement, such as visiting hospitals, animal care centers, and boys and girls clubs.  The players then discussed variety of important issues such as the value of their time vs. money and if their level of fame plays a role in their charitable involvement.  AFH also led a discussion about how athletes can think critically about charitable causes and many of the Breakers players shared personal accounts of why they are passionate about particular charities and causes.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience for both the players and AFH, and we can’t wait to come back again next season!