Athletes for Hope

Helping College Athletes Give Back

The mission of Athletes for Hope University is to promote social change through the volunteerism and charity of college athletes.

AFH University (AFH U) is an initiative launched in August 2013 that serves student-athletes in  a similar manner in which AFH helps professional and Olympic athletes. AFH U brings AFH to college campuses to conduct life skills workshops for University teams, engaging student-athletes and coaches in discussions about the importance of community service, the causes they care about, and creative ways to use the power of sport and their unique platform as athletes to positively impact their community.

AFH U provides University student-athletes with the opportunity to (a) engage in meaningful, impactful community service, (b) experience the benefits of engaging in student leadership and student self-governance, (c) collaborate with student-athletes from other sports, and (d) increase their involvement with the rest of the University community and the local community. AFH U  works to improve the charitable arm of the University athletic department, utilizing student manpower to improve the University’s relationship with its community, increase the University’s philanthropic impact, enhance the individual team programs, increase the student-athletes’ life skills training and experiences, and generate substantial positive media and social media recognition of the University, its Athletic Department, its coaches, its teams, and its student-athletes.

  • 3,000+ student athletes engaged in AFH U
  • 105 sports teams from 11 universities trained
  • 7,600+ hours of volunteer time by AFH U student athletes in 2019
  • 61 community partners from across many different causes
  • Over 13,600 people impacted; 9,066 children helped

Are you an AFH U alumni and want to connect after graduation? Looking for ways to do more service as an AFH Member athlete? Update your AFH U information using the contact link and we’ll get you connected to service!


How Athletes for Hope University Helped Make a Difference in 2019

Volunteer Program for College Athletes

We want to hear from you about your community service experience. It’s important to us that we provide the best possible program to your input helps to ensure quality program and service to you. Please take 5 minutes to complete this survey. This confidential information will help us inform our program going forward.

Are you an athlete heading out to your next school visit and need some ideas of activities to do with the kids? Check out these great examples of grouping games, inclusion activities and more for your next school visit on our AFH Physical Activity Cheat Sheet or visit Nike’s helpful website