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What We’re Reading

Week of March 6, 2023

Every day, athletes all over the world are doing incredible work in their communities by giving back, creating opportunities for those less fortunate and making connections that will last a lifetime. Here are five articles the AFH team has read this week that you may have missed.

“Whether it is issues related to representation, visibility, support or salaries, imbalances still exist between men and women in society. And sport is no exception.”

Read the full article on Olympics.com.

“Joining the Para alpine skiing circuit nine years ago, Saori Ishii quickly got used to being one of a few female coaches at competitions. At team captain meetings held a day before major races, she would sometimes be the only one in the room.”

Read the full article on Paralympics.org.

“Ultimately, the hope is that Nala will boost the safe participation of women in all facets of athletics, increasing representation when it comes to things like coaches and agents.”

Read the full article in BBC Sport.

“While Pipper and Rjumina’s message is that any woman can be as strong as the strongest Para powerlifter, they also want women to know that shedding a few tears is perfectly fine too – especially if you are watching your daughter bench press her personal best.”

Read the full article on Paralympic.org.

“To celebrate International Women’s Day, Hockey Canada has collaborated with some of the most successful women in the game to answer one question: Why is it important to see women in influential positions in the game?”

Read the full article on Hockeycanada.ca.