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Collegiate Athlete Spotlight

Creating A Legacy At Clark Atlanta

In this special edition of our Athlete Spotlight, Benjamin Raspberry reflects on his time at a Historically Black College and University (HBCU).

Photos courtesy of Benjamin Raspberry and Gaiter Sports.

What is your name, school, and sport?

My name is Benjamin Raspberry and I attend the illustrious Clark Atlanta University. I play basketball and run Cross Country as a student-athlete here.

Why did you decide to attend an HBCU?

I decided to come back home to Clark Atlanta because of the family environment and overall opportunities it gave me. You can always find yourself networking, eating different food from your peers, and enjoying amazing experiences. 

In what ways does your sports team integrate into your school’s community through service?

Family. I think that is the one thing that we integrate into the community. That’s always been the one thing I love about Clark Atlanta. No matter the good or the bad, you have a family to come to and rely on. From my experience, it’s always showing love, taking pictures with kids, and dancing with the community, serving food, or just having important conversations to impact Atlanta and our University.

Giving back is the least we can do and there is so much more that we can bring to the community. Focusing on the bigger picture is what I and my team members value. 

Benjamin Raspberry

Who is a professional athlete you look up to and why?

Kawhi Leonard & Damian Lillard. I picked these athletes because of their quiet personas and “actions speak louder than words” personalities. They do a lot for the community, but they allow other people to shine because the people brought them up and made them who they are today. 

How does being an athlete help you give back to your community? 

Being an athlete helps me to be a mentor to the next generation. I was fortunate enough to be a ranked athlete in Georgia and was able to give advice or take pictures with kids just to make their day. I know what it’s like to see and look up to an older player. To move, act, and carry yourself the way that the mentor carried himself. For me, those guys were Brandon Robinson, Colin sexton, and Jaylen Brown.

What are your career aspirations? 

I want to be a professional basketball player, but every athlete has several backup options. Other options for me are an FBI Agent, successful entrepreneur for my clothing brand ( FLO – Family, Love, Opportunity), and the last option would be to work on an NBA marketing team.

What would your advice be to other student-athletes considering attending an HBCU?

My advice to future students wanting to attend an HBCU is to do your research. Get all the financial aid you can possibly find, network with faculty & staff early, and get involved early as well.

The perfect word for my experience is probably legacy. Wanting to leave your mark is the best way to go to the next chapter of your life once graduating.

Benjamin Raspberry

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