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Ali Newland, LSU Softball

Athletes for Hope would not exist without the drive, passion and dedication by athletes all over the world to make the world a better place. In our Member Athlete Spotlight series, it is our hope that the public will get to know our athletes, learn about the philanthropy and advocacy work they’re doing and understand what motivates them to use their platform for good. 

By Ali Newland

I got involved with Athletes for Hope through one of my awesome teammates, Taryn Antione. She helps with the organization and I participated in a few service opportunities she gave the team this fall. We helped with hurricane relief for St. Charles, recorded a book reading, and sent cards to children at St. Jude’s Hospital.

Because of COVID, it’s been hard to meet a lot of people through AFH or even other service opportunities, but everyone I have been able to meet inspires me with their continued commitment to do more for the people and communities around them. As athletes we have a huge platform that would be easy to take for granted, but the people who participate in Athletes for Hope understand the impact they could have and are committed to creating it.

I think that I truly realized how important it was to give back the first time I put on an LSU uniform. I was honestly starstruck. I couldn’t believe that of all people I had the opportunity to play softball at the highest level, and it struck me that I have a serious chance here. The same way that I felt all these years, little girls around the country are feeling the same way. They watch the moves my teammates and I make. I felt that I was called to do something more. We have an opportunity to make a real difference, and a responsibility, I feel, to do so. There is a larger audience than ever before in the world of college softball, and if we can inspire the people watching to serve and give, we create a better place for everyone.