AFH Staff Highlight: Jason Belinkie - Athletes for Hope

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AFH Staff Highlight: Jason Belinkie

We are lucky to have many long-time staff members at Athletes for Hope. AFH COO, Jason Belinkie, has been at the organization since the first day we opened the doors on October 23, 2006! Throughout the last 12 years Jason has played a variety of roles and met some incredible people, so we sat down to ask him about what he loves most about working at Athletes for Hope.

What do you do at AFH?
I primarily focus my time on executing AFH’s strategic vision from a programmatic, partner, and organizational standpoint. Additionally, I help to manage our budget, assist in fundraising, and help to manage some of our athlete and charity relationships. Since AFH is a small, dynamic team, nearly everyone takes on a variety of roles, and I am no different.

What’s the favorite thing about your job?

Having the opportunity to work with so many passionate people and organizations across a variety of industries/causes is what makes coming to work so special. AFH’s unique mission provides us with an endless pipeline of interesting and impactful collaboration opportunities. We work in a dynamic atmosphere in which every employee’s voice matters, and it’s one of the many reasons I love working here.

What was your favorite AFH moment?
It’s impossible for me to identify just one favorite moment. Over the last 12 years I’ve met so many incredible people and been present for so many powerful connections. Some of the top moments include having dinner with Muhammad Ali, Andre Agassi, and our other AFH Founders before our official launch on Good Morning America in 2007. That was an experience I will never forget. Spending the day with the US Women’s National Soccer Team when they did, not one, but two team community visits in one day to Children’s National Medical Center and the Boys and Girls Club in Washington, D.C. was an incredible. Lastly, hosting our first ever staff retreat at my family’s beach house a few weeks ago was a highlight of my time at AFH.