Tulane Athletes Give Back to Area Homeless - Athletes for Hope

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Tulane Athletes Give Back to Area Homeless

On Tuesday, July 17th AFH conducted workshops at Tulane University with over 50 student athletes. Teams in attendance were Tulane Football, Women’s Basketball, Men’s Basketball, and Volleyball. Players were excited to share their meanings of hope and learn how important their roles of student athletes are to the community. We facilitated passionate discussions between the student athletes that motivated them to do more. Erin Gutierrez of Tulane Women’s Basketball stated, “ Going through the hope exercise inspired me to give back to the community more and help inspire other kids by giving them hope. As student athletes we have the ability to give back and I think it is my duty and service to give back.” According to Keitha Jones Jr. of Tulane Football, “ the workshop gave me knowledge on how to give back to the community and you never know whose life you could impact.”

Following our workshop, Tulane athletes prepared over 500 sandwiches for the homeless community at Ozanam Inn In New Orleans. Ozanam Inn is an emergency shelter for homeless men and also a transitional facility to help move individuals from homelessness to independent living.

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