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Athlete Highlight: Kendra Chambers

As we celebrate our 10th year of helping athletes connect with causes they care about, we want to highlight the extraordinary efforts of our member athletes. This month, we are highlighting USA Track and Field’s, Kendra Chambers.

Over the last few years, Kendra has volunteered multiple times at local schools through our collaboration with Let’s Move Active Schools. We sat down with Kendra to ask her about her experience with AFH and giving back.


AFH: “How has AFH helped you with your philanthropic journey?”

Kendra: “AFH had helped me in so many ways. They make doing what I love which is inspiring kids by spreading my story so much easier on me. They have made all of my school visits much more rewarding and meaningful because I get to focus on being an elite athlete while they help me get connected with our future generations!”

AFH: “What is your favorite memory or experience in working with AFH?”

Kendra: “My favorite memory is when I went to a school and they had posters of me everywhere, they printed out pictures and they practically knew everything about me. (It is such blessing to have the platform that we athletes do!) I was excited to share my story with them but they knew it all. It was funny yet extreme humbling at the same time. I’ll always remembering feeling pretty famous that day!”

“AFH is special. Not many athletes think about others or have the time to. They’ve created a program that works but more importantly gets kids active eating right and they are excited about meeting somebody who cares about them. I can’t say enough about the people of AHF, they give us hope knowing that there are people out there who care just as much as you do about our future leaders and how our youth is developing now. I’m extremely grateful for AFH! Thank you!”

Thank YOU, Kendra, for being such a strong AFH member over the years. We appreciate your drive to help others – especially the kids.