Michigan State University Women’s Field Hockey Gets Schools Active - Athletes for Hope

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Michigan State University Women’s Field Hockey Gets Schools Active

As part of the Athletes for Hope University program, the Michigan State University Women’s Field Hockey team is making physical fitness a priority for kids in their community! Following a unique educational workshop geared toward helping collegiate athletes identify their charitable passions, the MSU Field Hockey team chose Let’s Move Active Schools (LMAS) as their charity of choice. At the start of the partnerships the team met with the PE teacher and principal at the school and discussed their potential involvement. Since the beginning of the spring semester, approximately 6-8 student-athletes have been visiting two LMAS schools, Winans Elementary School and Colt Elementary School, on a weekly basis. The nature of each visit is a little different each week. Prior to each visit the MSU team leads and the PE teacher discuss the week’s PE objectives and then base their involvement on those conversations. Some weeks the team assists the PE teacher and other weeks the team leads physical fitness activities. In addition to the players, the Women’s Field Hockey coaches have started to participate in school visits as well. We look forward to seeing how the Field Hockey team continues to positively impact physical fitness in East Lansing!