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Nick Hundley “Makes-A-Wish”

Since participating in the Athletes for Hope workshop in 2010, Catcher Nick Hundley has embraced the Athletes for Hope mission and work. In our first connection with Nick, we discovered his tremendous passion for helping sick children, and shortly thereafter coordinated Nick’s first visit to Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, Ca. Nick had so much fun with the kids and this sparked an even greater interest in giving back to those in need. Since his first visit, Nick has taken the time to visit hospitals throughout the country, including those in Milwaukee, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Last year’s trip to Milwaukee Children’s Hospital started something special for Nick. During his visit in May of ‘14, Nick met Zach Sprader, a patient at the hospital, and they hit it off instantly. They talked baseball, and Nick promised to get Zach a signed jersey. It was a great visit, but this was just the beginning. Through the Make-A-Wish program, Zach and his family had planned a Fall trip to visit a number of ballparks on the east coast. Nick learned of Zach’s upcoming trip, and personally invited Zach and his family to Camden Yards to catch up, go out onto the field, and meet some of Nick’s teammates. Obviously, a great time was had by all.

A few weeks ago, as the ’15 baseball season was starting, Nick again personally reached out to Zach and invited him to his first series of the year in Milwaukee. A year after their first meeting, Nick and Zach had the opportunity to hang out at the ballpark. Zach and Nick are good friends, and often times text one another to keep in touch!