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Mental Health Champions Club

Mental Health Champions Club

Two years ago, Athletes for Hope launched our Whole Being Athlete Program to change the public stigma around mental health by empowering athletes of all backgrounds to share their stories and advocate for systemic change. Almost every day since we have received inquiries from people of all walks of life who want to join the movement and do the work alongside us.

It is for that reason that we are proud to introduce the Mental Health Champions Club, a network intended to build, inspire, and activate a robust community of mental health champions across the U.S.

How It Works

Mental Health Champions Club members will receive weekly communications each Sunday focused on:

  • Self-care
  • Wellness
  • Kindness

With each communication, members will receive a story, tip, or resource from an AFH Athlete along with a weekly call to action to help break down the stigma of mental health in and out of sports. 

Check out recently shared Athlete Tips on AFH’s YouTube channel!

Screenshot of Mental Health Champions Club Athlete Tips playlist on YouTube.

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