Athletes for Hope


Etan Thomas

Athletes for Hope first helped Etan utilize his passion for helping kids by connecting him with a playground build and school visit. Etan spoke passionately about the challenges of his childhood in Harlem and how it is important to believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams. Even several months after his visit, a teacher mentioned that the kids were still talking about Etan’s visit and showed a deeper interest in setting goals for themselves.

After undergoing open heart surgery to repair an aortic valve leak in his heart, Etan came to Athletes for Hope and expressed a passion for helping others prevent and overcome heart problems. Athletes for Hope then worked with Etan for several months in creating a relationship between him and the American Heart Association. Etan immediately took to the organization as he conducted interviews, appeared on live television, and ultimately became a tremendous ambassador for the organization and the cause.

Etan is the type of person who wants to give back whenever there is an opportunity, regardless of the cause. Because of this mentality, Athletes for Hope has connected Etan to many types of philanthropic opportunities such as schools, juvenile detention centers, libraries, YMCA’s, and we look forward to working with him again on many more occasions.

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