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About the Causeway

Often athletes want to make a positive difference in the world, but they don’t always know how to begin or how to turn their charitable passions into action. That is where Causeway comes in. Causeway takes the form of a road map to illustrate an athlete’s journey through the world of philanthropy. Contrary to an athlete’s competitive spirit, their philanthropic journey along the Causeway is not a race. Each athlete proceeds at their own pace as Athletes for Hope guides them every step of the way.

Education is at the core of Athletes for Hope and the beginning of every charitable athlete’s philanthropic journey.                                 As part of our Causeway program, we have developed a curriculum of thought-provoking educational workshops for               professional and Olympic athletes. Through facilitated debate and reflection, the Athletes for Hope model helps                                 athletes explore their role in the community, discover their philanthropic passions, and learn how to maximize                                       their charitable impact through a broad range of options, including forming a foundation.



Your motivations
Your passion

Identifying the cause you care about is a personal and introspective process. Many athletes are unclear about what specific cause or what types of involvement they will find most fulfilling and allow them to have the greatest impact. At this stage we work with athletes to help them reflect on what matters most to them and guide them on taking the first steps.


With your cause
With your options

Once an athlete has identified a cause or causes that they care about, it’s time to explore which organization fits their needs. We identify and vet charitable organizations and help create experiences that align with an athlete’s interests and charity’s needs. We encourage athletes to begin their involvement by working with a variety of charities to gain a broader perspective about the causes they care about.


With existing organizations
On your own time
Your career resources

At this stage athletes begin building deeper relationships with charities. This step is often about a greater commitment of time and effort and a more meaningful relationship with the organization and its beneficiaries.


With existing organizations
With thought leaders
With your cause in the public eye

At this stage, athletes are ready to make a greater commitment of time and/or money in order to increase their reach and deepen the charity’s impact. Athletes become knowledgeable about the issues and challenges that face the organizations they work with and have the opportunity to have a greater voice in the cause. The athlete’s relationship and contributions to the organization are publicly recognized.


Yourself as a champion for the cause
A financial plan
A donor-advised fund
A legal entity

Establishing a vehicle for giving (a foundation, donor-advised fund, etc.) is not for everyone, and there are viable alternatives for an athlete to consider. Here athletes go through a series of exercises to determine if forming a vehicle for giving is the right decision for them or if there is a better option to achieve their charitable goals. If they are considering starting or already have a vehicle for giving, Athletes for Hope provides the necessary tools to maximize the chances for success through its best practices program.