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Education is at the core of Athletes for Hope and the beginning of every charitable athlete’s philanthropic journey. As part of our Causeway program, we have developed a curriculum of thought-provoking educational workshops for professional and Olympic athletes. Through facilitated debate and reflection, the Athletes for Hope model helps athletes explore their role in the community, discover their philanthropic passions, and learn how to maximize their charitable impact through a broad range of options, including forming a foundation.

We offer a series of workshops that serve rookies, veterans and retired athletes across all sports leagues:


The Empowerment Workshop is an introduction to the Athletes for Hope curriculum. The workshop focuses on a series of inspirational debates and exercises that explore a professional athlete’s role in the community. Athletes have the opportunity to discuss topics such as the value of their time vs. money and if their level of fame plays a role in their charitable involvement.

Options for Impact

Building off of key concepts taught during the Empowerment Workshop, Options for Giving introduces the athlete’s philanthropic journey. During this workshop, we facilitate several exercises that help the athlete think critically about causes they are passionate about and the multitude of ways in which they can get involved. One particular exercise called the discovery exercise explores the importance of passion as it applies to the athlete’s philanthropic journey.

Vehicles for Giving

The Vehicles for Giving workshop educates athletes about the critical issues to consider before starting a foundation contrasted with other charitable options explored through the Causeway road map. The workshop provides a forum for debating the pros and cons of athlete foundations and introduces best practices as a critical tool to maximize success.

We believe that an educated athlete who approaches philanthropy through an informed process has the opportunity to make a greater impact.

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